Yoga, Dance, Pilates in Tel Aviv

Yoga, Dance, Pilates in Tel Aviv

mamash NAIM *

Naim is a vibrant and lively movement center located in Tel Aviv offering classes for all levels in Yoga, Dance and Pilates as well as workshops, performances and other good activities.

With six locations and over 300 weekly classes across Tel Aviv – there is time for you!

A large part of our community speak English therefore most classes are taught in English or are bilingual.

If you live in Tel Aviv or are staying for more than two months, please visit our memberships page. If you are a tourist, we have a package tailored just for you.



We usually practice mat Pilates in familiar postures and on a stable surface. In aerial Pilates, the hammock “lifts” those same exercises as well as our habits off the floor, and takes our body on an adventure to discover...
About the workshop The workshop is emphasizing on contemporary dance teaching build up, floor work and acrobatic skills. The technical part focuses on floor work practice developing our relation to the connection between movement and skills. Through fixed phrases we...
About the workshop The workshop will be structured in two parts. In the first half we will warm up and explore different movement qualities, practice physical states and the passage between those. In the second part of the workshop...
About the workshop In the workshop we go through a journey in which we explore a range of qualities, states, moods and vibrations. We would refer to the body as an organic being which will influence and allow us to act and...