..and we’re back!

So we are back again… Sunday, May 10th. GYM will be opened, morning classes at Yafo, Frenkel, Ibn Gabirol and Haifa will be running. The rest will start that afternoon.

We have about one month to operate a little different. Full operation will be permitted afterwards (per powers that be).

We will initiate gradually and carefully. We have a temporary schedule with more breath in between classes, less students, some classes will be shorter.

All memberships will be automatically reactivated starting Sunday. We didnt charge for May (as we charged for half March). In anycase whoever is not feeling comfortable let us know by mail (details below) and we will put membership on hold until June.
Starting June, all memberships will be charged as usual.

We have a manual book below , it’s important that you read and follow. We will need your full cooperation on this.

* All members for studio and GYM *must* register in advance using our mobile app “סטודיו נעים” (Android, iPhone). Register first time as a “new user”. Unfortunately at this time it is not in English, we will translate the classes in days to come. Please use a friend who speak the language to follow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

* You can attend one class each day.

* Keep 2 meters distance from others. Use face mask in all public areas, it can be removed during practice.

* Before class please wait outside office.

* You must come 5 minutes before class. There will be no lates.

* Please bring a personal water bottle.

* Use a private mat only. For members, we sell mats with 15% off discounts at the reception.

* Showers are not permitted.

* Community classes are cancelled at this time.

* Pilates reformer – must wear socks and clean hands before class.

* We continue to maintain our NAIM@home online schedule.

For any further clarifications, please send us an email at info@naim.org.il

Good luck for all of us 🙂