Aerial Pilates

We usually practice mat Pilates in familiar postures and on a stable surface. In aerial Pilates, the hammock “lifts” those same exercises as well as our habits off the floor, and takes our body on an adventure to discover the extent of our abilities, much like we are required to do in our day-to-day lives: we walk on unstable surfaces, challenge our body with a variety of movements, which we should practice in a studio environment in a supportive and constructive way.


Hammock practice helps us challenge, strengthen and stretch ourselves, it holds us and enables a wide range of motion, helping us release our bodies – with an emphasis on balance and muscle coordination, as well as cognitive exercise. While we rely on our body to perform the necessary exercises, it benefits in its entirety from the experience.


Lessons include a warm-up, exercises from the Pilates repertoire, stretching, mobility practice, and finally – rest in the hammock. The class is suitable for all levels, especially for those looking to add variety to their practice, as well as that extra challenge. Classes are accompanied with pleasant music and a great atmosphere.