Ayelet Bessor – Matte Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga

Ayelet Bessor Pilates Vinyasa Yoga

I’ve been in motion ever since I can remember. I always found it deeply satisfying. From the start I was drawn to a variety of methods and schools, each complementing each other.

I came to Pilates from curiosity and a desire to unerstand this body in which we move around. Fascinating! Without even realizing it, my studies and practice sharpened the connection between body, breath and mind. In my classes I teach the classic exercises, and take them apart to better understand the planes of motion, and increase range of motion and stability.

Later on I began to take an interest in the world of Yoga, which gave me a lot of patience, attentiveness to change, and calm. My Vinyasa classes take a lot of the same principals from Pilates – combining precision with flow and constant motion.