Boaz Baruch – Ashtanga, Hatha and Philosophy

בועז ברוך מורה ליוגה אשטנכה

I teach the art called Yoga, in the spirit of Ashtanga and Vinyasa.
In the physical practice, I combine: exploration and experimentation, the amazing philosophy of Yoga, the analogy with and connection between the practice and everyday life, Pranayama and meditation.

I have behind me more than 800 hours of Yoga teacher’s training. I studied in the ‘Sabina Stahl’ Vinyasa teacher’s training course (Germany) which includes an international certificate from the ‘Yoga-Alliance’. For two years I studied in the Yoga and philosophy teacher’s training course in the spirit of Ashtanga-Vinyasa, which changed my life, with Shimon Ben-Avi, which included a certificate from the ‘Israeli Yoga Teachers’ Association’.
I give care using therapeutic Yoga for the rehabilitation of the spine and posture.
Today I assist at Shimon Ben-Avi’s teacher’s training course, and teach workshops.

Each and every one of us has within him that most essential thing in life – spirit. The Yoga practice, with all its layers, is a tool for releasing resistance (physical and mental), in order to connect us to that spirit.

“Once you take care of what is outside, what is inside will take care of itself” – through the physical practice, we approach different parts of the body, and release emotional burdens stored in the body. Thus we remove resistance which causes congestion (in mind and body), and attain inner freedom and peace.