Rules for Class Participation and Registration

Class Participation

You may only enter after receiving permission from the front desk

Don’t be late.

If you are late for class, you may be allowed in depending on the specific class and situation – at the discretion of the front desk and teacher.

In any event no one may enter as of 10 minutes after class starts.

Class Registration

Registration for classes is done through the app “Studio Naim” ( IPHONEANDROID ).

Please arrive at least five minutes before class. After that we will not be able to guarantee your spot.

Reformer Pilates membership – you may sign up for up to two Reformer classes a week. At our Mendeli location there is no such limit.

Registration begins a week before class.

You may only sign up for one class a day – we want to make sure everyone has a place and the possibility to plan out their schedule.

Cancelling Class Using the App

Evening classes may be cancelled up to three hours before class.

Morning/afternoon classes must be cancelled by 8pm the evening before.

Pre-Registration Block

If you miss two classes (any classes) within ten days, your ability to register for classes will be blocked for the next ten days.

What to do in the meanwhile? You can still come – subject to availability. Use the app to check if the class is open to registration (even if you can’t register because of the block) and come.