Claudine Crosta – Mat and Reformer Pilates

Claudine is an Advanced Franklin Method Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Movement Therapist and Biomechanics Passionate.
Claudine has danced and moved her body her entire life, performing as a dancer and actress before diving in the fields of Somatics. She teaches classes and workshops and designs programs for health and life performance for working professionals, people rehabilitating from injuries & looking for a postural improvement, dancers and athletes.
She has a deep passion for making people discover the way their bodies are designed to function and how much they have the power to create a change.
Through years of continuous study and her strong commitment to a daily mental visualization and physical practice, Claudine developed a deep personal understanding of what it means to be balanced, strong, flexible and to have a functional intelligent body.
Her teaching approach integrates a range of mind/body practices including Pilates, Hanna Somatics, Active Global Stretching, Franklin Method, Fascia Training and Life Coaching, which broaden her perspective and effectiveness as a teacher and in designing programs for optimal health.
Her goal is to empower, educate and inspire others to live more fulfilling and balanced lives.
She is based in Studio Naim Mazeh Branch where she is managing a Franklin Method Clinic.