Dana Harush – Pilates Reformer, Mat and Barre

Dana Harush Pilates

Reformer, Matt and Barre Pilates trainer, naturopath N.D

*A healthy lifestyle and proper diet* have always been important to me, and *movement* has always been an inseparable part of my life, so I decided to study each of them separately and in depth so that I could finally bring them together.

When Pilates came into my life I immediately felt I had found my home turf. Even before I reached a fuller understanding of it, it just felt good – in both body and mind. I decided to focus on this wonderful method, to continue to explore and discover the body, enrich my own practice and pass it all on, share my own experience with others who want to learn and lead a more healthy life, whether they are healthy or suffer from any musculoskeletal pathology, pregnant or post-natal, injured or recovering.

Nothing compares to the profound satisfaction that a group of practitioners brings – I feel blessed and moved every time.