19:30 - 22:30

מיקום: Shimon Hazadik 18, Jaffa

Come and join us in the gathering jam session for any butoh dancer, hidden or old timer.. Discover a new way to connect to hidden truths and personas layerd in our body.
In the jam session we will meet and start with a class from which we will gracefully move to free dancing and finish with an open stage.
Feel free to bring along any special cloths or idea you wish to try or share with us.
Our vision is to create an open space to anyone interested in exploration of body mind dance etc.. No need for prior experience in Butoh or dance
Looking forward to see you
Shlomtsi and Bubutoh group (our ensamble fromed throughout couple of years in Naim sudio)

חזור לרשימת האירועים..