13:00 - 15:00

About the workshop
The workshop is emphasizing on contemporary dance teaching build up, floor work and acrobatic skills. The technical part focuses on floor work practice developing our relation to the connection between movement and skills.

Through fixed phrases we work on body awareness and develop our kinesthetic intelligence.

The internal structure of the class is made to gradually deepen in the technique and develop through it...and of course to dance and have fun!



Single workshop - 120 ILS.
For Dance Community members (free registration!) - single workshop - 80 ILS.
4 workshops or more - 300 ILS

For registration, contact us at:


Ivica Bago
Born in 1985 Split, Croatia. Former artistic gymnast, winner of national and international titles and took the 3rd place in the World Cup 2005.

Danced in Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Pollak, Vertigo and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Companies. 

Today works as freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher.


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