18 - 19Jan2019

15:30 - 18:00

מיקום: Shalma Road 46, Tel Aviv- Jaffa

Gentle is the New Advanced

Imagine yoga before it was transformed in its journey to the West. Imagine a personalized, breath-centered practice, passed down from individual teacher to student. A Yoga for the well being of the whole person; something that would provide a vehicle for learning to truly take care of ourselves and ease the pains of life.

Yoga changed when it came to the West. New styles and brands of yoga have developed which meet the desires and expectations of the western audience. Focusing on the outer, physical achievements, and perhaps losing something in the creation of a standardized, scaled and franchised approach to yoga. But the older traditions have also continued, and J. Brown is at the forefront of a wonderful resurgence of this ‘old-school’ yoga.

This is J’s signature offering that he has given to thousands of teachers and students around the world. At once both a revolution and a return to the ancient roots of yoga. In this gentle, therapeutic, breath-centered approach, we are making the body strong and flexible — but we go about it in a way that also encourages useful patterns of thought and behavior.

Making Vinyasa Yoga Safe

For teachers and interested students at all levels.

Learn how to apply the core principles of a therapeutic yoga to a conventional vinyasa class. By establishing basic safety protocols, you can prevent injuries and get the maximum benefit from your yoga practice.

In this workshop, we explore:

- Methods for incorporating therapeutic orientation into group classes
- The role that breath plays in supporting the body
- The effects of different sequencing and pacing in group flow classes
- Techniques for teaching diverse populations and multilevel students
- The teacher/student relationship.

Whether you’re a beginner interested in starting a safe yoga practice, a more experienced practitioner with injuries, or a teacher wanting to ensure safe and favorable outcomes for your students, this program is designed to help you do away with unintended consequences and nurture your yoga practice as a genuine form of self care.

Applying Yoga Philosophy To Asana Practice

The majority of yoga classes teach that in order to progress in practice you must challenge yourself to go past your physical edge. This often creates a mindset of reaching for our fullest potential or working to improve ourselves which is very useful if we want to run marathons, climb mountains, or do gymnastic body positions.

But if what we want is to simply have less pain and feel OK about the fact that we exist then pushing our bodies as far as we can to reach our fullest potentials will be counterproductive to our purpose. Depending on which mindset we adopt, yoga practice changes dramatically.

In this workshop, J will examine different viewpoints within yoga philosophy and demonstrate how they affect a practice of asana on both a technical and philosophical level. We will also look at how we can utilize different kinds of practice to affect our thinking and understanding of yoga.

Explore your Breath, Improve Your Health.

You will often hear yoga teachers say; “It’s all about the breath.” Yet, very rarely do they make breath primary over alignment or sequence.

In this workshop, J will examine the role of breath in yoga poses as both a point of focus and support. We will consider the anatomy behind our breathing, the benefits of emphasizing breath in asana, and techniques for making breath a central feature in practice.

Yoga for Pain

Yoga practices can be used for different purposes. Some people use practice for fitness. Some people are looking for transcendence. But, more and more, people are coming to yoga to address their pain. It could be either physical or mental pain, usually both.

The way yoga practice helps us address pain is not the same way we might practice for other purposes. Many conventional approaches unsuccessfully attempt to do both and often leave students ill equipped to develop effective personal practice that meets their needs.

In this workshop, J will examine the distinguishing characteristics of yoga practice that is geared towards a lessening of pain and developing individual agency. We will identify both the technical and philosophical aspects that determine both the experience we have, and results we receive.

Slower is Stronger

Why is “Slow Flow” becoming so popular? Because people are discovering that moving fast doesn't necessarily mean stronger. In fact, slower movements that are done with careful attention encourage a different sort of strength that goes to one's stability and constitution.

Also, when you move slower there is more room to derive support through breath engagement. When we are able to find strength through the core actions of our breath function, we can stop struggling with muscle effort to achieve poses and find a center line from which to move and be.

About J:

J. Brown is a yoga teacher, writer, and podcaster. He is at the forefront of a quiet yoga revolution, based in healing, that seeks to change the dialogue and direction of yoga practice in the west. His writing has been featured in Yoga Therapy Today, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and across the yoga blogosphere. His podcast is internationally renowned for raising the level of conversation.


Full Workshop:
Early bird - 340 NIS (until Novenber 9th) , Full Price - 420 NIS
Single Session:
Early bird - 180 NIS (until Novenber 9th) , Full Price - 220 NIS

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