09:00 - 14:00

מיקום: Yedidya Frenkel 30, Tel Aviv

Come and join this great opportunity to learn Hatha Yoga, Meridian Yoga & Qi Gong and nutrition according to Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.
* we will learn an important tools for life and gain energy, inner silence and relaxation..
* we will learn powerfull Meridian (energetic channels that flow in our body) yoga & Qi Gong exercises in order to release energetic blockages, pains and stress and gain vitality, inner silence and joy.
* we will learn the basics of Hatha Yoga including the right alignments which will help us to practice Yoga safely and protect our body from injuries.

for any questions you are welcome to call, send a message or email: +972505077088 (what's up).
email: at.yaor@gmail.com

price: 350 shekels (300 shekels for early bird, until one week before the workshop).

This workshop is good for anyone that like to work with their body, for those who never practiced Yoga Or Qi gong before, for Therapists of any kind, Yoga teachers, Shiatsu therapists, Qi gong teachers, dancing teachers and for people who would like to feel the Qi (energy).

acording to chinese medicine the major reason for imbalance, problems and desease is excess of emotions: when we have too much anger& frastration, too much worries, too much fears, sadness, grief, anxieties we are out of balance.
the idea of this workshop and practice is to let go this emotions, love yourself the way you are and then become much more calm and complete. also, to develop awareness to yourself and others and learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

About Yaor barhum
Yaor is a senior Zen Shiatsu therapist & Yoga teacher with 8 years experience. he has been working as a therapist in Israel, India & Europe in different Healing centers, studios and in his private Clinic in Tel Aviv.
5 years ago, he left his job in the Israeli police after 12 years in order to heal himself and help others to connect and work better with their body and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
During these years and After many years of studies and self practice, Yaor has been teaching Meridian Yoga & Qi gong classes and giving Shiatsu Therapies in Israel, Europe and India.

for more detalis, photos, explanation please send me an email or whatsapp - 

Yaor - 050-5077088


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