19:30 - 22:00

מיקום: Derech Shalma 46 , Tel Aviv


You've probably heard about Mindfulness and how a lot of research has shown that it has a positive effect on various conditions.
The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) is the original, internationally recognized 8-week course that is meant to recharge you, help to heal you and provide you with skills and insights that will change the outlook of your experiences and life itself for the better. One of the things research has shown is that the course leads to a higher quality of life and improves cognitive functioning.

The American professor Jon Kabat Zinn has developed the MBSR course 35 years ago and integrated mindfulness with modern western psychology methods into the 8 week course. Since then, it has been taught worldwide. Throughout the years it has gained significant respect in both the medical and business world.
The MBSR has a a special structured program outline and the course is scientifically proven to benefit people that deal with the following:

- Stress (work, family, financial related)
- Anxiety and panic attacks
- Depression
- Eating Disturbances
- Sleeping problems


You learn how to take better care of yourself through meditation and the interplay of body and mind
You learn how to cope with difficult emotions, pain and stress. You cultivate powerful inner resources and approach life with more enthusiasm, energy and wisdom
Recent reviews agree that the mindfulness course can have a “robust” effect on depression, stress, and anxiety
The course focuses on developing skills to respond to stress by learning meditation skills and cognitive techniques
It enhances your ability to manage and reduce pain levels
It improves your focus, resilience and capacity to recover more quickly from challenging events
It reduces avoidance and maladaptive skills

What will I learn:

- Mindfulness, self-compassion and meditation skills to use in your daily life
- Developing the capacity to become more aware, present and to embrace whatever is coming your way
- How to overcome negative thoughts, emotions and break automatic obstructive patterns
- Enhancing concentration and focus
- How to enjoy the little and simple things in life
- How to improve your decision-making and make more authentic choices
- How breath and body awareness can transform stress
- And the other many health benefits of mindfulness


What will I get with this course:

- An 8 week course, 2,5 hours each week, 20 hours in total, plus a silent retreat day of 4 hours
- Learning with a small group with limited spots available
- Group engagement
- A Balanced variation of teaching, questions, discussion, and guided meditation
- Mindfulness daily home practice material
- Teachings and practices to guide and support you
- A skilled, experienced and involved mindfulness teacher to answer your questions and address difficulties every week with personalized advice


Course data:

Start Saturday 26th of may
2nd of June
9th of June
16th of June
23rd of June
30th of June
7th of July
14th of July


Time: 19.30 to 22.00

Silent retreat day: 29th of June

Price: early bird 960 nis till the 18th of may, after that 1200 nis


About Iris:

Iris is the founder of Heartfuliris. She is a certified Mindfulness trainer from Amsterdam. There she was working as a socio-educational mentor and therapist and teaching mindfulness with enthusiasm and (com)passion. Recently she came to Israel to share wisdom and teach people about accessing inner resources and to contribute to people live happier, fuller lives and help increase harmonious relationships.

*To sign up, please call our office at: 03-5188998
*Registration in advance only

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