28 - 29Sep2018

12:00 - 16:00

מיקום: Derech Shalma 46, Tel Aviv-YAfo

Nir de Volff has been one of the most innovative choreographers in Berlin and Europe over the last decade.
De Wolff teaches classes and is often invited to conduct workshops for dancers, actors and non dancers worldwide.
Now, for the first time, he's coming to Tel Aviv, to studio Naim, offering an intensive and productive two day workshop.
The workshop is open to all levels.


The workshop will begin daily with a warm up class based on improvisation and specific accessible exercises using the respiratory system.
The exercises in the class will help guide the participants to move and search for a different and broader use of the respiratory system.
After the class, the workshop will continue with detailed physical research, that will examine how each and every one of us can use the body and its movement in a symbiotic way in order to breathe, and on the other hand to use the muscles in a minimal way and give them maximum freedom of movement, to open new qualities and open the cognitive region of the brain in total mental = physical liberation.
The personal research part offers a wide range of new body experiences, freedom of movement and the search for authentic movements in order to work in depth and achieve effective results in the body.

During the workshop we will learn how to increase flexibility with minimal effort and how to protect the body from injuries or to cure injuries by proper use of the respiratory system. Each day will close with a short massage session, using a unique technique developed by De Vollf and performed in pairs.

These past few years De Volff has been developing the USE-ABUSE method. A method that explores our somatic structure and its harmonic-disharmonic relation to our breathing system.
USE-ABUSE focuses on somatic areas which we tend to ignore and seeks to bring them to life. The method aims to search for harmonized coordination between the body and the emotional system of dancers, actors and performers. „Use-Abuse“ leads the body and the mind to search for (an honest) connection between the three elements: nervous system, respiratory system and mind. The more we discover the hidden spaces in the body that are not „breathing“, the more life we breathe into them to bring them alive and further define the identity of our living body.

De Volff's method stimulaties freedom and honesty in each individual's body. It gives tools to release self judgement. While this method was designed to find greater range within a physical practice, it may, through the participants' exploration produce other benefits, be they social, political or therapeutic.
USE-ABUSE has been invited to prestigious dance centers around the world.

De Volff’s style offers a new dimension of movement, new exploration of the body „as we know it“. The method, the search for total freedom of the muscles, leads dancers to a new physical sensation and expands their borders. It alouds creativity to be daily explored in the studio with the notion of leaving behind limitations and (bad) habbits.The method fits all kinds of body-type of both professionals or non professionals and opens new channels in the body and the mind. De Volff has been invited to Holland, Portugal, Thailand, Israel, Belgium, Italy, the United States, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, France,Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Iceland and Germany.


Cost and registration:
Early Bird - 380 NIS till September 21st.
Full Price- 480 NIS

To register please call: 03-5188998


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