11 - 18Jan2020

12:00 - 14:00

מיקום: Yedidya Frenkel 30, Tel Aviv


we breathe, we open up to high energy states, we come into relationship with our complexity, we soften into feeling and being  

In this 2-hour practice you will be guided through a sequence of asana finetuning your sensory awareness to connectivity - on all levels. The form is emerging from an experience of the ever-present interconnectedness of all physical structures, bringing us into alignment with our inner being and intuition.


The body in the practice of yoga asana is the entry & grounding point to the deep knowledge, wisdom and joy of being. yoga is a process of self-inquiry while asana describes the practice of a physical posture with attunement to all layers of the self. The form of asana reflects to us aspects of our individual structure, on how we come into alignment with and through our breath, our feelings and thoughts. breath awareness is what integrates and connects us to our sensory body, feelings and the subtler layers of our being. I teach alignment as a dynamic process of becoming aware of sensations while directing attention with clarity. the intention is to guide our efforts along the body's innate spirallic architecture which allows us to find organic strength, flexibility and connectivity throughout our entire body. 

In each class i offer a sequence of asanas serving as the basic structure through which we explore different layers of awareness. In a circular motion we add information- discerning, relating and feeding the layers into each other. Structured explorations in movement will add perspective and bring us into awareness of our anatomy, a process that weaves our mental body into the sensory, kinaesthetic experience. Grounding ourselves into the body strengthens our ability to contain and stay present with our feelings and thoughts, the foundation from which we expand and open up to living in our highest truth.


Tanja Olivia Saban

‘I was introduced to yoga in the Iyengar system in 2003. When I met my teacher, Sri Louise, in 2006, my practice became deeply meaningful. The genius of her teaching set me on the path to develop a personal practice that cultivates the emotional and intellectual honesty and resilience required to meet one’s personal truth, to grow and mature as a person. I completed my 400h of teacher training between 2008 and 2011 during which I was introduced to the study of Advaita Vedanta as taught in the tradition of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, which directed my spiritual quest towards understanding the nature of self, god and the world as unfolded in the vision of the Upanishads.’

Dancer, Gaga teacher , yoga practitioner & teacher.

Born and raised in Switzerland, she graduated from SEAD training program in 2007. She is a recipient of  the conveyor scholarship from the Tanzquartier in Vienna, where she started her career as a freelance dancer and teacher. She collaborates with choreographers and artists of other disciplines on projects as well as creating her own work in Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Israel and New York City.


11/01/2020 and 18/01/2020



80-120 Nis sliding scale 


Sign up & contact : o.kit.joy@gmail.com

You can come spontaneously, and pay as you arrive 

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