Gali Wexler-Yehoshua – Yoga and Tora (women only)


I came to Yoga from a therapeutic angle after having undergone knee surgery following years of dance. Today i can say that the injury was the greatest blessing in my life. I was certified in New York in 2001 at the Laughing Lotus Studio, in the school of Vinyasa.
After years of practicing different techniques which helped me refine my own practice, from Iyengar to Anusara, I draw from several methods which I find to be more awareness-oriented and better tuned to the female body.

During my seven years in NY, and especially in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I got the chance to learn and absorb the Hasidic philosophy of the Rabbi of Lubavitch, which led to my life’s greatest transformation – becoming a Chabadnik. I felt that things I had vaguely sensed during my practice became clearer and more profound, in a way I can only call miraculous.
Today, each one of my Yoga classes draws inspiration from a Hasidic text, which is expanded in the physical practice.


It is my hope that every woman who attends my class should leave having gained something, physically and beyond. Classes begin with the study of a topic arising from Parashat Hashavua or another Hasidic idea, which is translated into the physical practice and focuses the practitioner and helps her apply the theory in action, for in Judaism – the deed is key.

After having grounded ourselves in the concept we begin a gentle yet challenging Vinyasa class, precise yet creative. Sometimes we will use accessories to reach greater precision or deeper understanding.

The atmosphere in class, which is for women only, is of having embarked together on a journey – we gradually build a sense of kinship and intimacy which brings us out from the confines of our mat. There is much space for bodily self expression, however, precision-freak that I am, my hands will probably end up guiding each practitioner’s body to a more elevated state. The class is taught in good spirit and with great respect for my students 🙂