Dear Naimis,

A few months ago we received notice, much sooner than we had expected, about having to clear out our studio on Derech Shlomo 46, since the building is being demolished.

Since then, we’ve been working as hard as we can on several new spaces (we couldn’t find just one that would hold everything) that seem very promising –

  1. Gym Naim – the gym will move to Alfasi/Ben Atar, two streets from Derech Shlomo, with a similar vibe to what Derech Shlomo used to be, a few years ago. An old industrial building, high ceilings, two stories, a ton of room and new equipment. Update!Between the 14-16 of July, the gym will be closed. During this time, gym members may go to studio classes at no extra charge. On the 17th, we will reopen at our new location on 22 Alfasi st.
  2. Studio: Yoga, Mat Pilates, Reformer – we’ve taken two stories on Frenkel street, one of the nicest in Florentine, between two of the neighborhood’s most happening cafes.
  3. Dance, fitness, the cat – have moved to Derech Shlomo 39, which you already know.

And in other news… we also got the chance to play with a great new space in the north of town, on Ibn Gabirol 108. Yoga, dance, Pilates, and all the rest, are already up and running.

For anyone looking for the next big thing, just follow us! We’re opening our first location outside of Tel Aviv, in the lower city of Haifa – in about a month.

The timeline is something like this: Ibn Gabirol is underway, Frenkel has just opened, and we’re almost done renovating Alfasi (hopefully before they shut the lights on us), and Haifa is coming soon.

Since 2004, the studio on Derech Shlomo 46 has been a meaningful place to many, who through it found friends, partners, teachers, movement and joy.

One chapter in the life of our little studio has come to an end. We can’t wait to see what’s next, and look forward to having you there with us!