MoonRun Harmony

אימון פונקציונאלי פונקציונלי

Where functional awareness and craZy cardio meet!

This special class, developed by the PT Jonathan Hoffman, starts with a magical journey towards harmonious movement and breath in functional standing positions from the HUMAN HARMONY method, and ends with a crazy cardio workout with the innovative MOONRUN, that with addictive apps and phenomenal display takes the participants to a party of fun games as well as personal and group challenges in the visual world.

Jonathan Hoffman, BPT Grad Dip Manip Ther
is a sports manual therapist, graduated from TAU and Curtin, Australia. Jonathan develops mind-body practices and is a serial inventor as well as international lecturer for movement teachers and physiotherapists. He took over the Pilates world with the invention of the CoreAlign, that has been sold to Balance Body. The standing exercises he developed with the CoreAlign are being taught by more than a thousand teachers and being performed by tens of thousands from all over the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

MoonRun Harmony

Wednesdays, 20:15

Studio Naim – MAZE