Split Equipment Classes

פילאטיס מפוצל

Pilates is a holistic method that uses various apparatus; Reformer, Trapeze table (Cadillac), Wunda Chair, Barrels… In fact, Mat Pilates is considered to be the most challenging practice, “The mastery of the science,” whereas the apparatus were originally invented for rehab, in order to help the body understand how to perform the Mat work without assistance.

Split Equipment Classes are for those who have had some previoius Pilates experience. The participants will be able to try out a new piece of equipment in each class, and thus expand the knowledge, the challenge, the repertoire – and experience the entire method holistically. Each apparatus provides a different base of support, different relational orientation to the force of the springs and gravity, as well as understanding of the same exercise through the different machines – which allows for new information that deepens the understanding, efficiency, and performance.