Sofia Nappi – Contemporary Dance

Sofia Nappi has come to Naim as a resident artist. She will be giving her workshop on the 5/3 and 8/3.

Komorebi Collab was founded by Sofia Nappi, professional dancer and choreographer, and Alice Nappi -composer and professional violinist (acoustic and electric violin)- in the Summer of 2018. Their first creation “Oor” was the 3rd prize winner at the Netherlands Choreography Competition 2018 and was featured in the Italian national newspaper IL Secolo XIX. Sofia was recently resident choreographer at Nimbus Dance Works (New York, US) for the creation of the new piece “Wabi-sabi”, which was then invited to be performed at OFFLINE Pro Arts (Jersey City), The Bridge for Dance (Manhattan, New York), The Evening of Contemporary Dance (Brooklyn, New York), Short and Sweet Festival (Hollywood, CA) and CreateArt (Manhattan, NY) throughout the months of October and November 2018.

Lately KC has been granted a residency at The Eco Village to be in Spring 2019, where resides the renowned Israeli dance group Vertigo Dance Company. Sofia has also been chosen as one of the resident choreographers at Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg (Germany) to develop her last creation “Wabi-sabi” into an evening-length work on full sponsorship in March/April 2019, and she was selected as one of the 3 choreographers at La Biennale di Venezia 2019 under the direction of the famous Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard. KC has hosted professional masterclasses and workshops in New York at Gibney Dance and The Bridge For Dance Studios, as well as Dance Art Studios Chiavari in Italy.

The class is open to dancers and movers of different levels and ages. At first, we will focus on technical elements deriving from somatic techniques and floor work. We will practice exercises aimed to prepare body and mind and improve various aspects of contemporary technique by achieving greater awareness of the body and space around us, exploring the place where pure movement is born and the most honest intention behind creative composition.

The second part of the workshop is dedicated to the exploration of useful tools for movement composition and true expression of ourself. Starting from guided improvisations, the group will learn to find and make use of the elements acquired in the first part of the lab, exploring different movement qualities, energy, textures, imageries, planes of motion and thus begin to discover their own artistic individuality.

Physical and creative potential awareness will be key to allow the workshop to culminate in the sharing and teaching of choreographic repertoire sections.