Joey Aitken – Ballet

"My ballet class is mainly about connecting your body and mind to the soul of the music. To be able to find flow of movement. To make everything look effortless and feel never ending, enjoyable and most importantly up lifting."

When I was 4years of age, I knew that I wanted to be a dancer. I began at age five and since the first time I experienced the stage, I fell in love.

In 1998 I began full time dance in Brisbane Australia, where I studied vigorously in all styles of the the art form. Though my main love and focus was ballet I became rounded in other styles, from contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, flamenco and singing.

I competed and various completions in Australia and after winning and receiving scholarship prizes I set out to compete in the Prix du Lausanne, Switzerland in 2001.

I received a full scholarship to The Hamburg Ballet School and later into The Hamburg Ballet Company, John Neumeier, where I danced and created many pieces and traveled the world working in prestigious opera houses for eight and a half years.

In 2009 I received a contract to Grand Ballet de Genéve, Philippe Cohen, where I continued working and understanding other choreographers and their language of dance. After dancing and creating many new works in Geneva, I felt I had absorbed as much as I could in five years.

I then decided to further my knowledge in dance and in 2014, I joined Inbal Pinto.
It has been a beautiful experience I really feel that it is an amazing place to dance.