Arron Sands – Sometimes I don’t know why I do it

Declension of the Dead Sea

I saw your Prana on an info scan
It was big and twisted like Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
A breast scan is called a mammogram
Cancer is caused by bad apples in your Jam
This is not erotic fiction
Calm down Tristan!
Increasingly partisan
Harder than Parmesan
‘am a young offender
Enlisted man
I killed a whole family in Afghanistan
Heavy machine gun
From top moving van
Out frying pan into Pakistan
‘am melting –
‘am an abominable snowman
Whiter than the ku klux klan

‘am strong
I ate all my All Bran
All my scran
I got a good fucking tan

I discharge no peace
I dance and circulate in a folk vein
I almost sprained my foot knuckle
Stepping onto a Conga train
The Scottish singer songwriter and guitarist
Is warbling on my Walkman

Got a hard crust man
‘am a deep pan,
Deeper than the Sea of Japan
How deep are you man?
Shallow like a watering can!
I go so deep I’m like a fisherman
I stab you with a shard from a Zoomorphic clay jug I found in the sand
Because I can
I risk perforating the duodenal ulcer you never even knew you had man
I’m the fucking medicine man
Ja Ja Ja

I got power
‘am more convincing than the Strangeways clergyman
I got a sharp ceramic goat part
Worse than a bad heart attack for your Gran
You bleed all red man
Blud! Blud! Blud! Blud!
Naked and authentic alluvial fan

Baby crying in your pram
Just fucking grow up man
You’re not a child prodigy
You’re no Frédéric Chopin

One, two, miss a few, six seven / Help me I’m in trouble

One, two, miss a few, six seven / Help me I’m in trouble is an irrefutable struggle that will pacify all those heavy socio-political conflicts that contemporary existence forces upon you. Working alone and in groups, you will wrestle reality and compromise your notion of a healthy body. You will channel the Tourrets of the Anthropocene, pausing occasionally for song and sweating from this Herculean labor you will find yourself at odds with yourself, experiencing a workout somewhere between moral concession and that which is vital.