Nefesh B’Naim: Learning, Meditation and Creativity

רחל רוזנבלות' לימוד רוחני מדיטציה יצירה

Join us for a weekly shiyur that combines meditation, text study, and creative practice! We will explore various themes that are connected to personal spiritual development rooted in ancient wisdom and thought, inspired by patterns in the Jewish calendar cycle.

Each shiyur opens with guided mindfulness meditation and study of Chassidic texts and Buddhist philosophy. The following section will be an open space for reflection and exploration through art, crafts, books, and conversation. Topics will include gratitude, movement, non-duality, renewal, joy, silence, sacred practice.

Our learning and practice aim to inspire more intentional, attuned, meaningful and compassionate lives

The shiyur will be in Hebrew and English.

About Bluth:

Bluth loves plants, people, niggunim, permaculture and coffee shops. She is studying for Smicha at Yeshivat Har El in Jerusalem, and works for Achvat Amim, an Israel-Palestinian peace and justice program. Bluth completed her degree at McGill in Environmental Studies and Buddhism, and leads Jewish retreats and gatherings around the world, including a joyous Kabbalat Shabbat on the sea shores of Tel Aviv. She is a creator of Jewish art and Ketubahs, and hopes to bring joy and meaning and healing to our world. Bluth lives in Yafo but feels at home almost everywhere else.