Basically, we enjoy the sensation of dancing. We enjoy even more the sensation of great dancing. Joy is a key for great dancing.

In these classes we will explore the possibility we always have to enjoy our dancing.
Through awareness to our physical functionality and to our desires, we can make choices that effect the dance.We will progress from functional practice into different qualities and into full dance, every time concentrating more on different element or layer.

We will use mostly improvisation as a tool to improve technical abilities and research movement patterns.

Nitzan Lederman

Contemporary Dancer, teacher and choreographer.
Graduate of SEAD (2012) – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, “Mate Asher” Dance workshop (2008) and Ironi Alef high school of the arts, Tel Aviv (2004).
Her creation “Ms. Paul Miss Catch”, created with Ma’ayan Choresh, premiered in “Intimadance” festival 2013, Tmuna theater, Tel Aviv.

During 2013-2014 She has been working as a freelance dancer in the piece “WE” by Shai Faran in Berlin, “Like this my nephews can do too” by Daphna Horenczyk and David Gordon, which premiered in “Machol Shalem” festival 2013.
In 2009 she danced with the “NetaDance company”.

Practicing different movement disciplines as Tai chi, Ido Portal method and the Axis Syllabus movement principles and has a keen interest in applying them in dance.