Reformer Pilates – Florentine, Yaffo, Ben Yehuda , Ibn Gabirol and Rothschild

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With more than 200 reformer Pilates classes a week – on Rothschild and Ben Yehuda , Ibn Gabirol , Yaffo and Florentine – we can offer you an hour of personal attention, at practically any hour you choose.

The advantages of exercising in a reformer Pilates class include a wide range of exercises, individual attention to the trainee, personal treatment and advance registration for classes, which helps you persist in your practice, advance and of course recover from injury.

Reformer Pilates classes are intended for holders of a Reformer Pilates membership only. for more information about our memberships, click here

Our new #Pilates room in Jaffa

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Reformer Pilates is a gentler form of exercise than fitness classes, yoga, or dance, for instance. However, it is very effective and works on all the muscle systems in the body, with an emphasis on core muscles and lengthening the muscles as opposed to contracting them.

Practicing reformer Pilates, you can attain a strong, flexible body without injury along the way. Pilates is perfect for all ages and genders. Anyone can benefit from it – athletes, dancers, people who spend long hours in front of a computer, pregnant women, those who suffer from injury or limited motion, no matter how flexible they are…

The Pilates exercise repertoire is huge, and allows for both challenge and diversity, helping you persist, improve, and bring yourself to places you never thought your body could reach!