Research in Motion

משחק מחקר תנועה

We like to move, jump, run, play, try new things, develop, take part, listen, communicate, improvise, create, find calmness or release tension, challenge ourselves, be it by ourselves, with others, in a group, in an empty space, between different object, in a studio, at home or in the forest. We are interested n everything that has to do with movement, because we have unrealized ability, imagination, ideas, and so much room to learn and develop. Because to move is joyful. It doesn’t matter if we have any sort of formal training, whether we studied dance, contact improvisation, acro-yoga, martial arts, Ido Portal, yoga, acrobatics, or anything else, or whether we just like to move – we each have a body, and our body has limitless possibilities we have yet to discover.


Inspired by and in cooperation with “To Be A Better Mover – Israel”, we will have lessons with senior teachers from different schools of movement.


Tuesdays 20:15, Thursdays 11:00


Each week, the class will be taught by a different teacher, each week a new movement.


Tuesday 7/11 Roni Heller

Thursday 9/11 Daniel Sigura

Tuesday 14/11 Daniel Sigura

Thursday 16/11 Yiftach Vardi

Tuesday 21/11 Roni Heller

Thursday 23/11 Yiftach Vardi

Tuesday 28/11 Ro’ee Shaked

Thursday 30/11 Ro’ee Shaked