Sound Bath with Dan Avidor

The tone of the Gong is the tone of life, takes place within the sacred space of sound.
The Gong, of oriental origin, as insured by historians and musicologists, appears at the beginning of the Bronze Age, 5500 years ago, (around 3500 years BC). The Gong proclaimed as an instrument of transformational power, a therapeutic tool nowadays and shamanic from the ancestors that envelops us in a complete total of sound to bring us back to optimal health and balance.


Sound bath therapy is profound healing work. The Quartz Crystal bowls have perfect pitch notes; each note aligns with a Chakra. The sound of that note, enters the Chakra and tunes, balances, harmonizes and activates the Chakra. The sound bowls create a full mind, body and spirit experience. Releasing any densities, blocks, no longer serving thoughts/vibrations and help to balance the autonomic nervous system which has shown to reduce symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety. Putting the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave sequence, creating a deep meditative relaxation.

Give yourself the gift of creating time and space for you.

Class will be taking place alternately between Yafo (every other Thursdays 9pm) Florentin (every other Friday 3pm). Please register in advance using NAIM’s app.