Ruth Waters – The Capitalisation of Self Love

Inspired by women’s magazines, the capitalisation of self-love and the wellness industry, my immersive installations use humour to engage the practice of individualised healing.

Through guided sessions, I exert control over the participants, reflecting the problems of individual therapy towards creating complacency in relation to achieving greater societal change.

Devising a logo and appropriating the ridiculous mantras of Jennifer Aniston’s personal trainer, such as “I love what I have, and I want more”, I demonstrate the way in which the wellness industry has corporatised often necessary processes of rehabilitation.

J.A Generalized Anxiety Relaxation

Inhale the salty, sticky smell of the air. Sense the breeze caressing your enviable svelte legs. Feel as your soft sumptuous shiny vibrant locks, brush against your delicate, soft, supple skin.

Simmer in the scent of night blooming jasmine on a warm California evening, and watch, just in front of you, the endless come and go of the sea.

This session will guide you out of your anxieties and into the new present moment, one which goes above and beyond your expectations.