12:00 - 14:00

מיקום: Shimon Hazadik 18, Jaffa


Is fear stopping you? 

Fear of failure? Fear of judgement? Fear of not being enough? 

And does it stop you from doing what you really want in life?
The answer is finding back to yourself, connecting with the deep trust and selflove that you've always had inside.

You were born to trust and love but somewhere along the way other peoples fear got to you.

What would your life look like for you with no fear? No limitations? Just love and acceptance of yourself!
It would be easy to go after what you want and desire right?!

Just imagine for a moment, that dream of yours coming true.  

I'm here to tell you that it's possible, only beliefs and emotional states of mind makes the difference our reality.

We create our own reality, from inside out! And that’s what we will be doing in the workshop together!!

In the workshop you will learn:
How to make a shift in beliefs - And choose the right believes from your dreams to come true

How to decide your emotional state - And be open to all the good life has to offer! 

And most importantly, how to love and accept yourself as you are - That will make you like a magnet to your dreams!  

So who I am?

My name is Zenna I'm 28 years old and for the last 10 years I've studied everything it takes to live exactly the free life I’ve always wanted - Travelling the world, teaching this method and touching peoples life’s. I've spend more than 150.000 shekel to study as an NLP Psychotherapist, ICF Coach, Yoga Teacher, Herbal medicine practitioner and I've traveled to the best teachers in Los Angeles, India and Australia to learn about psychology, yoga and meditation.

I travel the world and teach people how to overcome fears and blockages so that they can live exactly the life that they want - Enough with the seattleling !

I've been so overwhelmed by the support for what I do and it has been a blessing to have already helped to many people.

That's why I would really love for you to come and have this experience with us! 

I may just be a one time opportunity!!

If you want to know more go to my Facebook: Zenna Grundtvig or see the Youtube video 





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