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בלט למבוגרים


BarreFitness is a ballet-inspired workout designed to lengthen and tone the entire body with particular attention to the thighs, arms, buttocks and stomach. The...

Tabata Training Method

Busy Lifestyle and don’t have time to exercise? TABATA is for you.TABATA consists of 20 seconds interval of intense exercise followed by a 10 seconds rest...
חדר כושר פלורנטין

GYM NAIM – fitness for everybody!

Naim is happy to announce the opening of our very first and Florentine's only GYM NAIM. Important update! Gym Naim has found a new home: come...


ריקוד שמשלב אנרגיה גבוהה ומוסיקה לטינית קצבית, במה שזכה לכינוי - מסיבה ספורטיבית
כפיר נגרי TRX

TRX – the fastest way to get in shape

TRX is a very effective functional fitness training, held in small groups and supportive atmosphere.TRX is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes to...
אווה זומבה

Ava Szilagi – Zumba, Barre Pilates, Core and More

Ava is a fitness instructor. Training from Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, STEPS on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center among many others. Trained under international...