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קמיל בניטה ויניאסה יוגה

Camille Benitah

Close your eyes and feel. That is something you're going to hear a lot during my classes. I teach yoga as a process of...
אמילי שיין ויניאסה ינוגה

Emily Shain – Vinyasa Yoga

Emily Shain has a diverse yoga background, studying Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Israel, Elemental Yoga Therapy in Bali, Yin Yoga in Portugal and the Chakras in...
קלודין קרוסטה פילאטיס מכשירים

Claudine Crosta – Mat and Reformer Pilates

Claudine is an Advanced Franklin Method Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Movement Therapist and Biomechanics Passionate. Claudine has danced and moved her body her entire life,...