Camille Benitah

קמיל בניטה ויניאסה יוגה

Close your eyes and feel. That is something you’re going to hear a lot during my classes. I teach yoga as a process of self-discovery and of reconnection to your authentic self. I teach yoga as a healing tool for the body, the heart, the mind and ultimately the soul. Learn to observe everything that is happening inside of you. Learn to ground yourself and to remain stable, no matter what you’re going through. Learn to move from the inside and to free yourself from external validation. Learn to be you, unconditionally.

I am 500 hours yoga-certified, including two trainings in Bali, where I lived for a while. 200 hours specialized in hatha yoga and the art of transformation and 300 hours specialized in movement and fascia release. I teach a slow and deep vinyasa flow that brings together all that I learned on and off my mat.

I give my classes in English.