Nazneen Abraham – Ashtanga, Chakra and Therapy Yoga

I consider myself an “Accidental Yogini “. After years of living a typical high stress + high pay corporate life, and giving birth to three children, I decided to take care of my body and mind. I experimented with gym workouts, aerobics, cardio and finally yoga. That’s where I found my perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. I went on to do my YTT course with The Yoga Institute (Mumbai), the oldest organised yoga institute in the world and further enhanced my learnings with advance yoga and therapy yoga from Shiv Holistics (Mumbai). I am also a Reiki level -1 practioner and an avid believer in energy healings and positive thinking.

I’ve had a successful and very fulfilling career back home in India as a Yoga Teacher and I’m here in Israel now excited to share the benefits of this ancient science and spread joy, health, love and light.

Householder’s Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga yoga is an eight limbed path of conscious living and spiritual practices. It is traditionally a fixed sequence of Yogic poses done with breath control.
However, this is not the typical ashtanga yoga class. In order to integrate slowly into the system, We would be following the sequence to a degree (with breath control) and new postures will be taught gradually as strength, proficiency and flexibility evolve, making this a pleasurable experience where you are mindful at every step of the journey… Not just the destination.
The class would include learning and practising other limbs of Ashtanga yoga too, such as Pratyahara, Dhyana and Dharana.

Therapy Yoga

Therapy Yoga is an Holistic approach towards your health. In this class we use yoga poses, breathing techniques, guided imagery and affirmations to improve specific mental or physical ailments. We shall also touch upon basic diet dos and don’ts as per yogic diet.
Excellent class for health practioners, physicians, caregivers, patients and just about anyone looking at optimising your bodily functions, replacing mental chaos with order and emotional turmoil with inner peace and light.

Chakra Yoga
Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel “. Just as our physical body’s nervous system consists of the area between our spinal cord and our brain, the energy body’s equivalent -the Sushumna, is a a vertical column within which the 7 main chakras are located.
When the energy in any of the chakras is blocked or in excess, it triggers mental, emotional and physical imbalances in the physical body.
Come join me in this journey of self awareness, recognising the condition of each of our energy power houses and bringing them to peace, balance and harmony.