Zohar Ehrlich – Vinyasa Yoga

Zohar is teaching in our Iben Gabirol 108 studio, Wednesday 20:15 and Thursday at 17:00

“ Yoga blooms in us over time. Like any good relationship it starts slow and casual, a basic introduction and infrequent encounters. We learn about our partner, and in this interaction learn about ourselves. With time, the practice becomes habit, a trust is built and a thirst for depth develops. One day, without notice, we soften and find devotion; and there lies the opportunity for the beginning of love.

I aspire to pass on the vast knowledge of my great teachers, Adam Harel, Simon Borg-Olivier and others. To create encounters between people and the Yoga they need, on a specific day in a specific period of their lives. Sometimes in body, sometimes in mind. I hope to cultivate growth in my students that will live on past the yoga mat and bring growth in our society and environment.

More than anything, it should feel good and be fun. Even when it’s tough!”

Zohar’s Vinyasa classes incorporate detailed explanation around an idea or pose and from there invite freedom of fluid movement and flow. Active movement together with gentleness and safety is emphasized. We will also practice different stages towards meditation and get to know the many layers of breath and its control (pranayama).