Addam Yekutieli – The Pathology

In my practice I hope to allow to bypass the polemics of the political discourse by allowing it to take place from an intuitive, or empathetic place.


It was only after I was trapped underneath the rubble, with the weight of it all collapsed on me, the obnoxious glaring of the sirens (like continuous aftershocks, like tireless echoes of their outdated anthems tapping on my shoulder like a toddler). In that ample voice of fear, confusion and newfound disillusionment everything turned muted and it seemed quiet like I was under water, I could still feel the weight pressing on me but it felt like that of a body of water, or the body of a lover. It felt like surrender/submission/a giving in. In this surreal calm, my consciousness faded in and out, like a fever, a daydream – It was like being hit by a truck and like falling asleep. In spite of this scattered state, I couldn’t help but think of this similarity between surrender and comfort.