Miriam Naeh – Domesticated Hot Air

I grew up in Jerusalem, in a modest religious family. We didn’t have TV or technology games ‎and so we invented our own. Most of our childhood happened outside, on the streets, fields ‎and grounds, using our imagination to mirror our surroundings. This method of reflecting ‎reality through fiction and fantasy, emphasizing and staging small daily situations and ‎using scraps and findings as materials stayed with me since then.‎
Throughout this class, we are going to do it together; we will imagine, touch, squeeze, think ‎filthy but then pure, and then filthy again, and then pure, together. We would sweat together, ‎panic together and love together. We would let our body and their body to be one.


Back and Forth, Back and Forth, Forever

You are not alone anymore. The anxiousness and fear, the sweat and bad breath would ‎be replaced for good, with a warm loving companion. You would go through this together. ‎Forever.‎