Lynne Kouassi – Flow in Silence

Sometimes we have an overwhelmingly fast lifestyle. When in a rush, small or subtle things and slow or interior changes can easily be overlooked or forgotten. But they are just as important as everything else.

Flowing is a tender way of being. Being silent enables hearing. My practice cultivates sensitivity in order to give the necessary space and attention for perception.

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Water Bar

This work modifies the bar at the opening of the exhibition. Instead of the usual drinks like wine and beer, at this opening three to five types of bottled water are offered; no other drinks or snacks are served.

Participants encounter all exhibited artworks, the art community, and themselves under altered conditions. Amongst other things, the work hints at the ambivalent pleasure of consuming branded waters, as well as the subtle differences in taste and texture between them.

Getting Sexy and Rich

If one isn’t privileged or motivated enough to earn a lot in the common way, but still wants to get rich, there are alternative ways to heighten one’s status and – as a consequence – one’s wealth. Being sexy is one alternative way of getting rich.

Therefore, if one goes to the gym or to yoga classes to boost one’s muscles, to advance one’s flexibility, and to purify one’s skin and one’s soul, or if one goes to dance classes to smooth one’s movements and to increase the self-awareness, one fundamentally contributes to one’s fortune.

The clothing line created for this show consists of a single outfit that can suit all genders. It is a fusion of workout and business clothing – in black – and comes in two matching sections (upper and lower body) and in three different sizes.